Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 7: July 8th, 2010

 year ago today (right around this time in the evening too) was when we first found out I was pregnant with Paige. We had been trying for a year and I was so sure I wasn't pregnant. I was a little bummed because I got a baby shower invitation in the mail and I was thinking "that will never be me". My husband could tell I was sad and asked me what would make me feel better. I told him if I took a pregnancy test and it was positive and he said "then take one". So I did.

At that point, after a year of negative tests, I didn't even want to see the result. I asked me husband to check it for me and he declared it negative and threw it away. Obviously my curiosity got the better of me and like girls do, I had to see for myself. So what did I do? What any normal human would do... dug it out of the trash. It was sitting in a big pile of spaghetti sauce too so it was super glamorous. I asked him, "do you see a faint line on this one?" and he quickly looked at it and said "those cheap tests all look like they're positive. Take one of the digital tests". So I did and right away it popped up "pregnant"! We were seriously in shock. There are no words to describe how we felt. I know that after all this time, I was starting to believe we'd never have a baby. But fast forward to today and I feel so blessed that Paige was the baby we waited so long for. I know there are lots of others who have it much harder and wait much longer, but it was a struggle nonetheless.

So to celebrate her own conception, Paige slept like a champ! She has been boycotting naps lately so she went to bed early, around 7 pm, and slept all the way until 4:30 am. It was so refreshing to get that extra ~2 hours of sleep. I just had to creep into her room and take a picture of her sleeping! Keep in mind when I took this, the room was completely dark (thank you speedlite, you're amazing). I missed my focus though :( since she was stirring and I was trying to go fast.

Paige loves her swaddle. Even if she's overtired and screaming and crying, as soon as we break the swaddle out she starts smiling and giggling. She flails like crazy so we actually have to do the escape proof swaddle method. I know it looks crazy but she loves it, for real. She'd wake up 10 times a night if we didn't swaddle her like this. Oh, and yes, I am so dreading weaning her off the swaddle. :(

Anyways, more pictures for today:

Playing on her Bella (don't worry, her daddy was right next to her ready to grab her).

Paige's nursery pictures:

And that's only like half her clothes... god, she's so spoiled!


Barb said...

There was a time period where Ryan was between sizes of the SwaddleMe's (regular swaddle blankets didn't work), so we used the swaddle under a Woombie. Worked awesome.

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