Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 29: July 30th, 2010

So I know a lot of people wonder but are too nice to ask. Then there are others that come right out and tell me, "don't worry, she can still be cute even though she has that red bump on her head". I've had people ask me "what's wrong with her?"... nothing! The red mark is called a capillary hemangioma. It's just a birth mark that appears shortly after birth and grows until they are about a year old (or so says my pediatrician). Most disappear completely by the time they are 2 years old while about 95% disappear by the time they are school aged.

I've had people ask me why we don't get it removed. I asked my pedi about it when it first showed up and she said that they don't like to intervene because typically, the scarring from the lasers will leave more noticeable damage then if we just let it involute on it's own. So we're just letting it do it's thing. It grew a lot between birth and 2 months, but hasn't changed since then. Here's one of Paige's newborn pictures, just to show the difference...

Paige at 5 days old. You can see a pinkish spot but it wasn't raised at all.
Photo, obviously, by Katie Ryan

Paige today! Playing with the remote control. Her new favorite toys are anything Mommy uses (remote, alarm clock, iphone, keyboard....)

In this picture, you can see how our dogs ruined our blinds by scratching at them from on our bed. Now a chunk of the blinds are missing on the right side and if we don't position them right, we look like the neighborhood peeping toms. I really need to buy curtains... sigh!

Paige just adores her daddy and is always touching, feeling, grabbing his face to keep him close to her. So sweet!


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