Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 28: July 29th, 2010

Paige gets CRAZY in her Exersaucer. Like, huge eyes, screaming with excitement, jumping up and down frantically, grabbing onto things and shaking them as hard as she can kind of excited. And lately, she's been trying to chomp on the toys in it, except that she can't quite reach. So first I'll share some "crazy baby" pictures then the normal ones.

"Holy crap, Mom!!"

Actually, I think she was trying to get to the toy to eat it in that picture.

And some normal pictures, just so I don't make my baby look like a total spaz!

She's always doing weird stuff with her toes. Everyone always comments on it because she ALWAYS has her toes curled as tightly as possible - then she hooks the pinky toe underneath the one next to it (kinda like crossing your fingers).

Some other random shots...


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness. 4th picture down? Cutest thing I have ever seen, ever. She's adorable.

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