Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 13: July 14th, 2010

It's very possible this post doesn't interest anyone but me, but I always like reading what kind of schedules people keep their babies on and how they balance that with keeping up the house. So I thought I would break down my days:

First, I'll type my cleaning schedule. I'm kind of OCD about it.

Living room - wipe down couch (messy dogs), piano, coffee table, dust frames & lamps
Bedrooms - dust fans, dressers, nightstands, clean up any messes we made over the weekend, disinfect Paige's changing pad
Mop hardwoods

Breakfast room - clean walls & molding (this is where our dogs go in & out of the house so they shake and get them all muddy), dust shelves
Entryway - dust console & frames, wipe down railings
Hallways - clean walls & molding, dust frames
Run errands

Kitchen - clean appliances, sink, wipe down countertops, handwash bottles, clean dog dishes really well, handwash any dishes or knives that need it
Dining room - clean walls & molding, wipe down table & chairs
Garbage day - empty garbage cans & clean the inside of them

Office - go through / file paperwork or whatever is sitting out, wipe down desks & electronics, dust frames & shelves
Shower - clean out basin, walls, & doors
Grocery shopping

Bathrooms - wipe down mirrors, sinks, toilets, change out towels, restock toilet paper
Tidy up whatever rooms have gotten a little messy over the week

Laundry (we need to do at least 2 loads - darks & diapers every day... ahhh)

I know that sounds like a lot, but once I got it to the point where it's not so much "cleaning" but more just maintenance, it really doesn't take me too long. Also, I refuse to do any housework while Paige is awake. I am a mommy first and foremost so this all takes a backseat to her needs. So this is what a typical weekday looks like for us:

3:30 - Paige wakes up & wants to be fed & changed
4:00 - We all go back to sleep (sometimes my husband stays up)
5:30 - We wake up for the day. My husband & I shower together (I hope my mom never finds this blog... she still thinks I'm a virgin) then get ready for the day
6:00 - Eat breakfast
6:30 - Paige wakes up to be fed & changed & play a little
7:30 - Paige takes a short nap. I start a load of laundry, load the dishwasher, and start tackling the first room of the day
8:00 - Paige wakes up to be fed & changed
8:30 - We play on her activity gym
9:00 - Paige wants to eat again
9:15 - We go down to her play room to play there. The last 10 minutes, we do some tummy time until Paige gets too frustrated, tired, & cranky
10:00 - Paige gets changed & fed (she eats like a little piggy in the mornings) then takes another short nap. I finish up in the first room and move onto the next
10:30 - Paige wakes up & gets changed. She'll usually eat a little bit
10:45 - We go for a walk, play in her Exersaucer, or play in her play room
11:15 - Paige gets fed & changed then swaddled for her long nap. While she naps, I do whatever chores are left over. I change out the laundry, unload the dishwasher, sometimes vacuum. I eat lunch
2:00 - Paige wakes up to be fed & changed
2:30 - We go outside and play or I give her a bath
3:00 - I vacuum, which is my one exception of housework during Paige time. She loves to be worn in the Bjorn and help me vacuum
3:30 - We lay in bed, cuddle, read, & relax
4:00 - Paige gets changed & fed
4:30 - My husband gets home so we start dinner
5:00 - Paige plays in her jumper while we eat
5:30 - We go for a walk or play in Paige's play room together
6:30 - Paige gets changed & fed. She's usually getting cranky by now so we mostly just hang out & cuddle with her until she's tired enough for bed
7:00 - She gets swaddled and is offered more milk... like the little piggy she is, she usually takes it :)
7:30 - She's in her crib asleep. My husband and I get our alone time for the day
10:00 - We go to bed

So here's a picture of Paige with my husband after a 4.5 hour nap today. Must be nice, right? She normally won't take the pacifier unless she's swaddled and going to sleep (and usually spits it out after 5 minutes) so I always think it's cute when she's sleepy and hangs onto it for awhile when she wakes up.

And here's her hair, getting curly & starting to grow over her ears. I love it.


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