Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 57: August 30th, 2010

Maybe I'm a bitch, maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, I don't know. But I just need to vent for a second!

Let me preface this by saying how glad I am that Paige has all 4 grandparents in her life and how happy I am that they obviously love this kid sooo much. I grew up with only 1 grandparent, my grandma, and I always wish I had gotten to meet my other grandparents. I know my parents and my husband's parents love being grandparents to Paige and I think that's so cute.

BUT sometimes my MIL can go a little overboard and get annoying sometimes. I know it's just out of pure love & excitement but still. For example, when I was pregnant with Paige and we all would go out to dinner, if anyone in public asked me how far along I was or when the baby was due, my MIL would cut me off and answer for me. She'd be all "the baby is due March 17 and we're so excited!"... which - okay, great, I'm glad you're excited - but it's my baby and it's kind of my time here. You had 2 kids that you got to do the whole pregnancy talk with strangers with and now it's my turn. My husband mentioned to her at one point that maybe she could let me answer and she totally denied ever having done it (all 7 or so times).

That's not the end of it though. So tonight we all went out to dinner with some of her family that is in town for the wedding. This was their first time really meeting Paige and they were so excited they just couldn't stop taking pictures or asking me about her - it was adorable. They just genuinely wanted to know everything about her and Paige was a great sport, letting them pass her around, smiling for pictures, just being her normal self. :) Which was nice for them to see because at the wedding they pretty much only got to see sleepy Paige or cranky Paige - haha anyways I digress. So whenever someone directed a question at me, my MIL would literally interrupt me and answer, even if she didn't know the answer. It was DRIVING ME CRAZY. One of the aunts says to me, "does Paige really pay attention when you read to her?" and I started to say how she loves to look at the pictures and help me turn the pages but my MIL completely started talking over me, cut me off, about how much Paige loves to read. She doesn't even KNOW though - she's only read Paige 2 books ever!!!! Grrrrr. It was such a frustrating night. I don't have many mommy friends and my friends don't really care about babies that much so I don't get to talk about Paige a lot because I don't want to be "that girl", you know? This was my one chance to really talk about her with people who wanted to hear and my MIL ruined it for me.

Yeah yeah I know, just excitement. But still, it sucks.

Then I see this face and it makes it all better. :)

Then the dogs came in the room so she was very interested in seeing them. She loves the dogs now!

On the way to dinner... double rainbow!


Kala said...

woah yeah....that sounds super annoying!!! She is adorable though<3

Lauren said...

My stepmother is like this, she likes to be the center of attention even when nothing should pertain to her. The entire family gathered in the lounge at the hospital a few weeks ago as my aunt laid dying of a brain tumor bleed. We were all quiet and kind of keeping to ourselves when my stepmother came over to my belly and started SCREAMING at it. She kept yelling in the most psychotic voice, "WAKE UP DYLAN! I WANNA SEE IT MOVE! WAKE IT UP WAKE IT UP! DYLLY DYLLY DYLLY DYLLY I WANNA SEE IT MOVE!" Screaming into my belly! First of all, he's not an "it", secondly, what sort of freak would scream at a baby like that? My husband Sean was ready to punch her in the face. Dylan, however, kept very still in my belly until she left and then moved around a ton and kicked all of my relatives who were quiet and calm to him. I will never understand what makes people act like that.

Ashley Sisk said...

There's always a fine balance with inlaws...I wonder how mine will be. I'm hoping better since they are 4 hours away and won't even drive into town for a weekend.

ANyways, this face should always make your day (Paige's...not mine).

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