Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 31: August 1st, 2010

Today is our big date! Haha. I love how having a baby makes going out bowling and to lunch alone with your husband such a huge deal. My mother-in-law is so excited to watch Paige. She's been bugging us to leave Paige with her overnight since Paige was a week old. Now that Paige isn't nursing as much anymore though, it makes it a lot easier to leave her with someone.

Of course, what would a date be without some drama? My MIL is one of those people that are notoriously late for everything. And not just like 5 minutes late. Sometimes she leaves us waiting for her at restaurants for an hour and a half. So of course after we confirm everything a billion times, she calls us last night...

MIL: "So you want me to come at 10:30 am, right?"
DH: "I thought we agreed 9:15?"
MIL: "No, the conversation I had was 10:30" (impossible as we wanted to catch a movie at 10 am)
DH: "Okay... well we could do 10:30 if that's what you want"
MIL: "No, it's fine. We can do 9:15"
DH: "Are you sure?"
MIL: "I'll just get up really early to go to church... at like 7 am... I'm going to be so tired"
DH: "10:30 is fine with us"
MIL: "No it's fine. We'll do 9:15 instead of 10:30 like you asked. I'm so tired. I'm going to be exhausted"

ahhh! passive aggressive!

Then she calls at 8:30 today. She always waits until the last minute, then calls and says she wants to change the time closer to what she wanted. So as the phone rings, I laugh and tell my husband I bet she's calling to change the time again.

MIL: "Did you want me to come at 9:45?"
DH: "Is that what you want to do instead of 9:15?"
MIL: "Well, I just got up. So I have to shower, eat breakfast, and walk the dogs"
DH: "So what time?"
MIL: "I can be there at 9:30"
DH: "Okay..."

Then she shows up at 10:00. And we don't get out the door until 10:30. And we miss the movie.

But I don't want to sound like I don't appreciate her help or that she ruined my day or whatever. I totally appreciate that she took her time to come watch Paige and it sounds like Paige behaved herself pretty well for her first time being babysat. I was actually surprised to hear how well she adjusted and I'm glad both of them had fun together. :) My husband and I always have a great time so we'll definitely be planning another date soon.

Here are some pictures of my little ladybug...

I love how serious she gets about her toys

While I was getting her ready for bed, I let her play with the toothbrush from her toiletries kit, lol


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