Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 37: August 9th, 2010

When Paige was a newborn, I always felt a little silly reading to her. Half the time she wouldn't even stay awake through a whole book so I never thought it was really sinking in. As she got a little older, I'd say around 3 months or so, she started to really love our reading time. As I read to her, I would watch her as she'd check out the illustrations.

Now that she's getting more interactive, she tries to hold the book or turn the page (or eat the book, of course). She still loves the art too, and she'll sit for 30-45 minutes reading without fussing. Just totally focused on the book. My mother in law didn't believe me when I told her that books are Paige's favorite toys until she watched her last Sunday. At the end of the day, she said "I've never seen a baby that was so interested in books. I read her 3 books and she never got bored!" so I just had to get a few pictures of her with one of her books.

But first, check out this bedhead. I don't know what she does in that crib overnight to make it stand up like this! Oh yeah, and this picture was taken at 6 am so I'm sure it violates every photography rule in the book.

After getting ready for the day, still rockin' the bedhead.

My husband calls me and Paige his little bookworms, lol
Not sure what she's doing in these. She's earned herself the nickname "T-Rex" because she will adamantly fight against straightening out her arms like this. These pictures may be a first here... silly girl.


Rebekah Lynn said...

How adorable! L loves getting read to as well but he only sits still for about 10-15 minutes. Must be a boy thing. lol.

Ashley Sisk said...

Babies always have the best bedhead!

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