Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 48: August 20th, 2010

Last time we went out of town for more than a few days, there was a fire in our house. And we were on our honeymoon in Maui and it was 4 am. It was very scary getting that call. I remember waking up to my husband's cell phone ringing and wondering who would be calling us A.) on our honeymoon and B.) at 4 am? I figured it was my mom - she calls me all the time just to "see if I'm okay". Plus she couldn't really grasp the concept of a huge time zone difference and refused to not call on my honeymoon. So we let it go to voicemail.

Then it rang again and my husband picked it up to check the number. It was our pet sitter and that's when we both started getting a little panicky. When he answered, I could hear her crying and the fire engine sirens in the background. Luckily, our dogs were all okay. They were upstairs, whimpering and freaking out when she got there. It was an electrical fire so nothing was too damaged, but it was a real pain to clean up. The carpet and walls were ruined and there was black soot over EVERYTHING downstairs!

The first thing I did was call my parents and ask my dad if he could go check on the dogs. I wanted them to see someone familiar and I wanted him to tell me if they seemed stressed or if they looked sick from all the smoke. My parents and my husband's mom were very sweet to go over and check on them for the next few days and clean up for us. SO thankful that my parents spent an entire day cleaning up because 2 days after we got home, we had an at-home reception (since we got married in Hawaii) to throw.

Wow - what a long background that was to get into what I really wanted to say - so anyways we're going on our first longish vacation since then in 2 weeks and I have to hire a new pet sitter. It's so hard trusting someone with your fur babies and in your house when you aren't around, you know? Today I interviewed one and she seems nice (albeit a little... weird) and our dogs love her. She's actually even cheaper than our last pet sitter even after adding an additional visit a day which is so great! Hopefully nothing crazy like last time will happen!!

On to pictures... THIS is why I need to strap her in every time now, even if it's just 10 seconds and I'm within 3 feet and not even turning my back on her! She actually reaches down and puts her hands on the ground now! Crazy girl.

Total mom shot, I love when she has a pacifier and then she smiles and the pacifier falls out because she smiles so big. So here's that in the making.

Then finally, taking her bottle before bed. She was actually so asleep during it that I was able to put her down and grab a picture while my husband fed her.


Kala said...

aww so sweet! i rememebr when Airi was that age i so miss it :(

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