Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 73: September 15th, 2010

Ahhhh!!! I take back every negative thing I ever said about Paige sleeping!! Of course I'll go ahead & jinx it all but she's been a total angel for the past 3 nights. Only waking up once at 2:30 overnight then taking a couple two HOUR long naps during the day! She's been eating like a little piggy too so I'm wondering if it's her 6 month growth spurt... but whatever it is, I'll take it! I just hope it says.

Yesterday she took a 3 hour 15 minute nap... I wish I could take a nap that long! I LOVE her rosy cheeks when she wakes up:

Then it was time for her dinner. She & Nic have recently become BFFs. He's the only dog who has realized you should lay near the high chair at feeding times because inevitably Paige will drip food onto the floor or send the spoonful of food flying when she slaps it out of my hand with her "king kong arms" (more about that tomorrow... I'll try to get a video!). She's been totally fascinated by the dogs lately (especially Nic) and spends the whole time just staring at them. So Nic has been getting braver and braver and finally has started coming over and licking the high chair - which makes Paige reach out to pet him - which means he gets to lick her puree covered hands. It is the CUTEST thing! Oh but of course then Paige sticks her fingers full of dog slobber into her mouth!

At this point we had to buckle her in so we could actually feed her. The rest are all of her straining to see the dogs, lol

The dogs were all play-fighting over a toy and she had this "what are you guys doing?!" look on her face

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